Bill Stanton

Bill Stanton is certified in equine sports massage, equine craniosacral therapy and, because of his strong belief that a well-cared-for horse demonstrates maximum performance during a long productive life, has spent over 30 years training in the care and support of all breeds of horses.  He has worked with Dr. Josh Steele, veterinarian, as assistant equine bodyworker, and surgical technician for over 20 years.  His inspiration stems from the teachings of Dr’s John R. Steele, Edward Churchill and Steve Engel.  Bill also keeps Gram Boyd in high regard.  His certification comes from the Animal Dynamics program under instructors Don Doran, Lisa Stahl and Wes Mallard.  Bill is also certified as a Saddle Fitter and a Saddle Flocker under the instruction of Blake Kral, U.S. and David May, U.K.

Bill believes in team involvement to ensure the maximum health of the horse which includes the entire care-team, i.e. the groom, stable manager, rider, veterinarian, farrier and himself as the physical therapist, working towards the common goal of maximum health, longevity and performance of the horse.