Reduced stress and promotes relaxation

Helps prevent injury and disease before it occurs

Cost effective non-evasive

Muscular System

  • Helps raise the performance level of the athlete by increasing toxin removal from muscles and decreasing muscle soreness.

Vascular System

  • Increases metabolism and work capacity by increasing blood flow and lymph circulation which increases cellular nutrition
  • Activates reflex vasodilation which decreases edema
  • Increases diameter and permeability of capillaries which increases toxin removal from muscles and decrease muscle soreness.

Skeletal System

  • Aids fracture healing by increasing retention of nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorous.
  1. When you work on muscles, you are also working on the meridians and acupoints.
  2. Massage strokes tonify or sedate the meridians.
  3. Massage moves the Qi.
  4. Massage breaks up stagnation.
  5. When muscles are too painful to receive needle, using a massage can soften the area and move the Qi so that needles may be applied